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We are happy to welcome you to the city of Kolhapur.

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Kolhapur is blessed by the Divine Grace of Goddess Mahalaxmi as she has made Kolhapur her home.

The beautiful city is endowed with natural beauty and rich Maharashtrian tradition. Kolhapur is one of the most important historical cities in Maharashtra and India.

The Visionary King Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur encouraged so many developments in Kolhapur.

Waman’s Orient Crown, the newest, the trendiest and the most conveniently located place offering all modern services to the locals as well as the Tourists, Executives, Businessmen and the Holiday Travellers. Courteous service with a personal touch, attention to details and quality awareness in all aspects certainly makes this place your favourite hotel to visit every time you are in Kolhapur or may be just passing by.

Fish Thali.


Fish Thali at Hotel Orient CrownThe story goes back to 1927. The founder of the Waman Group late Mr. Waman Dhondu Bagalkar started “Waman Bhojanalaya” at Girgaon (Phanaswadi), Mumbai. “Waman Bhojanalaya” fostered a culture of quintessential Malwani sea- food. Very soon, “Waman Bhojanalaya” became synonymous with consistent quality and superb taste of Malwani sea-food.

In the year 1951, Mr. Waman Bagalkar also started “Wamanashram” at Malwan Port, (Malwan Dhakka/Bandar). In those days the port was very popular for import and export trade.

Kolhapur was different from other cities. In those days Kolhapur was one of the important cities where there was gradual development of art, culture, agriculture and education.
Kolhapur was a big city near Malwan. So he decided to shift to Kolhapur with his two sons, Mr. Vijay and Mr. Anand. It was very difficult to run two hotels in different places because travelling to two different places was time- consuming. So he closed “Waman Bhojanalaya” in 1961 and after two years closed “Wamanashram” in 1962. He started “Waman Guest House” at Kolhapur in 1962-1963. He personally looked after the hotel till 1970.

“Hotel Orient Crown” is located at the very Entrance of Kolhapur City. “Hotel Orient Crown” is well-known for Malwani sea-food. Foodies flock to “Hotel Orient Crown” from
Kolhapur, Konkan and Goa. Sea-food lovers from India and from abroad do visit “Hotel Orient Crown” to taste the marvellous and authentic taste of Malwani sea-food.


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